MSM & CS little secrets......

Myself and my family have been using CS for over 6 years now and  MSM has been in my family for over 20 years. Colloidal Silver and MSM are two great all natural healing products that God put on this earth for us to use. Here are some great results from friends, family members and customers.

Eye Cleansing - Open eye lids and with a glass eye dropper put two drops of MHVAC Colloidal Silver into each eye.  You may feel a little tingling; that is the CS killing off the bacteria under your eye lids.  You will be amazed how much better you will see.
My mother had a eye problem called "Sjogren's disease," a disorder that affects about one million people in this country, especially those afflicted with arthritis and fibromyalgia. She had little oil sacks that grew on the edges of her eyes, painful, and made seeing difficult.  Her Sjogren's is totally gone and hasn't returned.  Also, floaters on the eye will dissolve in time using the CS/MSM combo solution.

Burns- Colloidal Silver is used in many burn units around the country. One of my customers grandson, 2 yo, put his hand onto a hot stove burner where she had just made a pot of coffee.  The palm of his hand turned all red and was hurting badly.  She poured a bowl full of MHVAC Colloidal Silver and stuck his hand into it for 15 minutes.  The redness was totally gone and pain went away with no scaring. It's always a good idea to have plenty of MHVAC Colloidal Silver on hand for emergencies.

Acne - We have helped many teenagers with acne.  Common teenage acne is usually the result of clogged pores, most likely due to overactive oil glands. Taking MSM "internally and topically" will keep the skin soft, flexible, and permeable, allowing excess oil to escape. Severe cases of acne is also because of 'bacteria buildup' an 'mites or parasites' in the pores.  Take an 8 oz spray bottle fill it with the CS/MSM combo, spray face 2-3 times a day and especially at night right before going to bed.  It is also know that Candida plays a big part in acne problems.  Also, applying 'Oil of Oregano' directly on the acne, will aid in clearing up any parasite problems.

Lung problems - using MHVAC Colloidal Silver in a nebulizer can help clear up many lung infections and has greatly helped many people with Asthma.  I have personally helped cure my own father of "valley fever" using a nebulizer (see MY STORY).   Our results also show that using the CS/MSM combo in the nebulizer has helped people with COPD and other respiratory ailments.

Mouth & Gum problems - One of the first benefits of using MHVAC Colloidal Silver many people have noticed was that, any bleeding gums or mouth sores were totally eliminated after one days use.  Once a week we soak our tooth brushes, overnight,  in Colloidal Silver. If your already sick, most people don't realize that you can reinfect yourself from any bacteria or germs on your toothbrush. So while your sick, spray your toothbrush daily with MHVAC Colloidal Silver.

E. coli and Salmonella -  are both food poisonings that can hit you anytime, anywhere. I always suggest to people to keep a pint of MHVAC CS in the car.  I have never caught food poisoning myself, but I have heard stories where people were glad they had a pint in the car. CS will kill the e-coli in just a few minutes.  Also if you happen to eat something that doesn't quite agree with you, just take an ounce of CS and it will straighten up your stomach.

Post nasal drip -  I could write a book on the terrific results we are having with our Silver/MSM Solutions nasal spray.  We have one gentlemen in his 60's that for over 20 years has a Deviated Septum. This is where the wall between the nostrils, is very crooked and makes the air passage on one side narrow.  He was constantly getting infections on one side and had a very tough time breathing.  He said he spent hundreds of dollars on OTC junk that never helped.  After one day of using our Silver MSM Solutions he got rid of his sinus infection and could breathe again.

A  testimonials & "uses" sheet is sent with every order for CS & MSM.