'Lignisul' MSM

MSM is another one of God's all natural products that he put on this earth to help heal all mankind!

Imagine a product that enhances your over-all beauty by making your hair shiny and your nails strong, while it minimizes your allergic reactions to foods, animals, dust, and pollen.  Next, envision a product that relieves the pain and inflammation of arthritis, stiff joints, and many other painful musculoskeletal conditions, and also alleviates constipation and stomach acidity.  Now imagine that all these benefits are available in a single all natural supplement.  Though it may surprise you , the natural product that can do all these wonderful things is "sulfur" . No, not the synthetic kind made by drug companies, but the "all natura l" organic version of sulfur that is known as methyl-sulfonyl-methane, or MSM for short.  In case you didn't know, sulfur is present in every cell of your body, and is an important constituent of your skin, hair, and nails.  It's also the main ingredient in collagen--the connective tissue that holds your body together--and is an essential component of several amino acids.  What's more, your body depends upon an adequate supply of this mineral for a healthy acid / alkaline balance, which is essential to life.  This is why supplementing with Lignisul MSM is such a good idea.

Lignisul MSM is a nutritional supplement rapidly establishing a reputation as a safe, natural and effective solution for many types of pain and inflammatory conditions, including:

Our bulk Lignisul MSM is 100% American made, 99.9% pure, Non-toxic, all Natural, contains no chemicals or additives, no reactions with other medications and cannot overdose. It's powder form is a odorless, white, water-soluble, crystalline solid and can be mixed with water or your favorite juice.  Available in 1lb. bulk, white plastic round containers that are resealable for freshness.  Our customers love the resealable containers and find that its easy to have one in every bathroom and kitchen. (TIP!) MSM is a terrific tooth whitener.  After brushing with your regular toothpaste, rinse mouth, then sprinkle MSM on your tooth brush and rebrush again.  Also, brush your tongue with MSM, then swish some "colloidal silver" around in your mouth, it will keep your tongue and mouth free of germs and parasites. (yes, MSM does taste a little bitter, but you'll get use to it, and you'll love the benefits because your mouth will be clean, germ free and kissable!).
Test for purity. If you are currently buying MSM in capsules, it's a good idea to test it for purity.  Take the capsule open it up and dump the contents  into a cup of water.  "Pure" MSM is water-soluble and will dissolve right away. If there is anything "floating on the top", or laying on the bottom,  then you have other additives in your MSM and you are not getting the full benefit of "pure" MSM .  Don't be misled by purchasing MSM with vitamin C, or fillers or anything else in it.  It's just their way of trying to sell you a more expensive product. 

Send me an email on how to make your own CS/MSM Solutions nasal spray. This solution works great for sinus infections and stops post nasal drip.

"CNN Transcripts" has More on Lignisul MSM

"Trust yourself, listen to your guts, listen to the voice of God within you - it is always right, 100% of the time.  Your health Tomorrow is what you BELIEVE  and DO  today".

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