Oil of Cumin

Cumin is an impressive and invaluable cure, because it is both medicine and food.  Cumin is used for a wide range of illnesses, including heart problems, migraines, poor skin tone, sour stomach, indigestion, excessive gas, and the ancient Greeks were particularly impressed with its value in circulatory disorders.

Modern research confirms the medicinal powers of cumin as one of the most powerful antioxidants  When researchers matched oil of cumin against all known antioxidants, it totally defeated all of them.  Numerous researchers document how cumin, especially cumin oil, dramatically improves the function of the liver.  Cumin oil greatly increased the ability of the body to fight toxicity by increasing the synthesis of a critical enzyme called glutathione peroxidase .  If liver function improves, all organ systems benefit. Cumin oil increases the liver's output of bile, which is so critical for the digestion, by as much as 300%.  Other studies point to it's protective effects upon the pancreas.  In Pakistan a study for diabetes determined that cumin oil has insulin-like actions and the conclusion was that cumin oil "can significantly reduce the blood glucose", lowering even normalizing blood sugar levels.

Cumin oil exhibits potent antioxidant actions, boosts glutathione levels within the tissues, increases the liver's ability to synthesize important compounds, while dramatically improving the flow of bile and increasing blood flow. Cumin oil has very impressive antiseptic powers, and also blocks the formation of fungal poisons such as aflatoxin and possesses significant and potent actions against parasites, bacteria, and fungi.

Cumin oil combats sexual weakness, especially impotence.  This is because it is rich in phospholipids,  which are needed for the production of sperm as well as sex hormones.

Cumin is good for the brain, extremely rich in phosphatidylethanolamine, a special substance needed by the brain for the regeneration of its cells.   For a boost in memory cumin is also rich in choline and inositol, both of which nourish the brain.

Our own results have proven to get rid of skin tags, when cumin is used in the proper protocol with Oil of Oregano, and Oil of Rosemary.

Cumin oil is also invaluable for combating hypoglycemia.  Symptoms of this condition include lightheadedness, irritability, agitation, mood swings, anger spells, temper tantrums, crying spells, anxiety, depression, paranoia, hot flashes, panic attacks, fainting spells, sluggishness, mental confusion, apathy, fatigue, rubbery feelings/numbness in legs, insomnia, nightmares, sleep walking, and poor concentration.

How to use Oil of CUMIN:
Take 6 drops, directly into your mouth, 3 times a day, or it can be added to tomato juice, and foods.  You my notice that your stools become more normally dark, which is an excellent sign and is due to improved bile flow.