CS/MSM Solution
Combining Pure MSM with Colloidal Silver works great for all sinus problems.  Mix 1/4 level teaspoon of MSM to one ounce of CS(two tablespoons = 1 ounce). A two ounce brown dropper bottle is provided for you. Shake till dissolved. You can then put it in a nose sprayer.  The MSM will permeate the nasal membranes, let out toxins and allow the CS to go in and destroy infection.  Spray several times a day.  We suggest making a small batch fresh every 3 days.  You can even drink what's left over, your body will love it.

A) Other uses for the CS/MSM combo solution.

1)   This mixture can be put into a nebulizer for lung infections.

2)   You can spray into your ears. Great for itchy ears. Nose/sinus congestion. Underarms destroys bacteria.

3)   You can put drops into your eyes for any eye infections, you will be surprised how well you will see. This combo mixture is also known to dissolve floaters.

4)  Spray any topical rashes, cuts, scrapes, dry  cracked skin.

5)  Put a drop into each contact lens, for soaking overnight.  You'll be surprised how well your contacts will stay clean.  Can be mixed with your cleaning solution.

6) Burn relief from the sun, spray all over exposed skin before going into the sun.  Also, great for those who get burned after being in the sun.

7) Snoring..........10 minutes before going to sleep and while lying on the bed, using the nasal sprayer or eye dropper, put the solution into each nostril, this will give you great relief from snoring.

B)   Sinus Infections:
Ears, nose and throat, all work together in creating serious sinus infections. If you have any 'post nasal drip' or coughing put 3 drops of Oil of Oregano, under your tongue, 2x a day, this will stop any coughing or nasal drip. For sinus pain, rub the Oil of Oregano above your eyebrows, around your nose, and behind your ears, this will stop the pain.

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