Rosacea is a bizarre type of skin rash that occurs primarily on the face, specifically on the nose and mouth. For years the medical ilk has maintained that there is no cause or cure for rosacea, as usual they are totally clueless.
However we have proven that infection is the culprit. The lesions of all people with rosacea are infected by a parasite. The parasite is a type of mite known as 'Demodex' a "super mite" that infest the hair follicles and sebaceous ducts. We also know that Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria which infects the inner linings of the stomach, contributes to the proliferation of rosacea. This organism secretes a toxin which causes the pattern of inflammation and redness typically seen in rosacea.
The idea remedy for this condition is our "PHCream" on my order page. It totally reduces the inflammation/redness and swelling, while destroying the mite.

PHCream heals up cracked dry skin, and amazing for skin burns of all kinds! There are many aggravating factors causing skin infection, and/or inflammation of the sebaceous ducts, glands, hair follicles and
surrounding skin. Bacteria, fungi, mold, even mites can cause such systemic infections.

ACNE - The pH of the skin has been correlated with the vulnerability in developing acne. Acidic pH of the skin is protective and is about 5.0, which is quite acidic. PHC restores the the acid pH, while its
drying actions help shrink swollen acne lesions, leading to their rapid dissolution.

Two ounce jar will last a long time, and very little is needed to cover the infected area. (topical use only)

Most always people with Rosacea also have a candida infection and possibly a staph infection. So systemically we need to remove this pylori bacteria from the gut to keep the rosacea from coming back again.
This requires an individual protocol for each person based on their symptoms.